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EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Whole-Home Backup Power

by EcoFlow
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The most powerful whole-home backup solution.

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra is a residential power backup system designed for both extended outages and daily use. With an unrivaled capacity of 6kWh, 7200W output, and 5.6kW solar input, a single unit can run your entire home. With the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2, get an uninterrupted power backup experience with automatic switch-over, energy consumption monitoring, and lower electricity bills.

One unit covers every appliance.

With a 7.2kW output, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra effortlessly runs even energy-hungry household items, like a 3-ton central air conditioner*. For more power, pair 3 inverters with the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 to unlock a 21.6kW AC output. Plus, with X-Fusion, you'll get a constant 7200W output no matter what.*

One hour of solar for one day of power.

By leveraging High and Low-PV technologies, a single inverter sets new portable solar input standards with a 5.6kW input*. Connect three inverters for a monumental 16.8kW, gaining a full day's home energy in 60 minutes. Whether you prefer a portable setup or a rooftop solar system, you can achieve true energy independence.

You won't even notice the grid was down.

Imagine a world where power outages go unnoticed. With EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra's online UPS, you'll get just that. With uninterrupted power flow, EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra safeguards your vulnerable electronic equipment round-the-clock. For extended outages, you don't want to hear your backup in the background, so for low draws under 2000W*, it's completely silent. With a whisper-quiet 0 dB, your nights remain undisturbed as it powers your devices. For a maximum of 30 minutes.

Peace of mind with an advanced design.

With its flexible plug-and-play design and unrivaled solar input, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra empowers you to tailor your solution to fit your energy needs. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra includes a PV locking feature, assuring safety and a solid energy connection.

Month-long power security. 

Take home power dependability to another level with up to 90kWh battery capacity. For a standard household, that's over 30 days of essential backup power to keep appliances like lights and refrigerators running strong (time may vary). Stackable and space-saving, it packs comfortably into a garage or utility closet.

Q1: How long does it take to fully charge a battery?
The fastest charging power for one battery is 6200W. It takes about 92 minutes to charge one battery from 0% to 100%. If stacked on two or more batteries, the maximum charging power can reach 8800W, taking about 1 hour and 56 minutes to charge two batteries from 0% to 100%.

Q2: Can an EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Battery charge without the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Inverter?
No. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Battery needs to be connected to an EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Inverter to charge. EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra is not compatible with third-party inverters.

Q3: Is EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra compatible with third-party inverters?
EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra is not compatible with third-party inverters.

Q4: Can I program EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra to run at certain times, like during peak rate hours?
Yes, charging times can be set.

Q5: What is the Bluetooth version?
EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra's Bluetooth version supports 4.2 and 5.0.

Q6: Can EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra/EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 run without the EcoFlow app?
EcoFlow Smart Home Panel 2 requires the EcoFlow app to run. EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra works without the EcoFlow app, but it is recommended for convenience.

Q7: What is the maximum input wattage for AC charging using a 240V load?
When using the C20 outlet and charging at 240V, the maximum charging input is 3000W. AC output is turned off at this time.

Q8: Is AC passthrough possible with a 120V input?
Use the C20 outlet for a bypass mode with a 120V input. There is no bypass mode for 240V input.

Q9: What is the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Inverter's surge rating, and how long does it last?
LRA 120A; 10.8kW peak watts for 10 seconds.

Q10: Can an electrical appliance plug directly into EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra?
Yes. EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra (Inverter + Battery) works as a standalone unit powering electrical appliances of up to 7200W. There are 11 outlets on the inverter, including NEMA 5-20, TT30, L14-30 supporting 30A, USB-C, and USB-A.

Q11: What is the charging power and time of a single battery?
With only one battery pack, the fastest charging input is 6200W, taking about 92 minutes to charge from 0% to 100%. When there are two battery packs, the fastest charging input is 8800W, and it takes about 1 hour and 56 minutes to charge from 0% to 100%.

Q12: Can EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra power a several-ton air conditioner?
One EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra can power a 3 ton central air conditioning unit. 2 x DELTA Pro Ultra can power two 4-ton central air conditioning units, 3 x DELTA Pro Ultra can power three 4-ton central air conditioning units, but the LRA rating must be within 120A.

Q13: Can X-Fusion charge EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra from an AC outlet while it's also plugged into the Smart Home Panel 2?
X-Fusion technology ensures that all AC output sockets provide optimal output in terms of wattage and amp. In fast charging mode, the output will always be 7.2kW, no matter how much the input is. When EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra is connected to Smart Home Panel 2, AC charging is disabled. 5 + 8 ports and C20 charging port mutual exclusion.

Q14: Can EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra charge from a 15A AC outlet while delivering 240V?
When charging EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra with 120V, it can output 240V normally. When charging EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra with 240V, it cannot output 240V. When charging at 240V using X-Stream charging via an AC inlet, AC output is not available. That is to say, when charging with high voltage 240V input voltage, all AC output is disabled.

Delta Pro Ultra Inverter Specifications

  • AC Output: 6 AC Outlets, 120V/240V, 7200W Total
  • X-Boost: No
  • UPS: Backup UPS Port (L1 Phase <20ms); online UPS Port (L2 Phase 0ms)
  • No-load Consumption: <45W
  • Efficiency of AC Output of 100W: 70%
  • Discharging Efficiency at Full Load: 94%
  • Charging Voltage: C20 Input: Support 100V-120V / 220V-240V; Power Input/Output Port: Support 100V-120V /220V-240V
  • AC Input Power Adjustment: Supported, adjustable in all charging modes
  • AC Charging Method: AC Input, Power Input/Output Port (AC Charging Pile/Generator/SHP2)
  • AC Charging Input: AC Charging Pile Supported: 120V/240V, 30A, 3600W/7200W Max
  • C20 Charging: Wall Charging Supported: 120V, 15A, 1800W Max; 240V, 12.5A, 3000W Max
  • Protection: Protection from Lightning and Surges
  • USB-A Output: 2 ports, 5V, 2.4A, 12W
  • USB-C Output: 2 ports, 5V, 9V, 12V, 15V, 20V, 5A, 100W Max
  • Anderson Port Output: 12.6V, 30A, 378W Max
  • High Voltage PV (MPPT): 80-450V, 15A, 4000W Max
  • Low Voltage PV (MPPT): 30-150V, 15A, 1600W Max
  • Power Input/Output: High Voltage Port
  • Parallel Connection: Supported
  • Grid-tie: Not Supported
  • Smart Home Panel 2: Supported
  • Car Charging Input: Not Supported

Delta Pro Ultra Battery Specifications

  • Battery Capacity: 6144Wh, 102.4V, 32S3P
  • Battery Chemistry: LFP
  • Cell Specs: 20Ah, 3.2V
  • Cell Efficiency: AC full loading ≥95%
  • Operating Temperature:
  • Battery Heating: Yes (automatically start below –4°F)
  • Cycle Life: 3500 cycles to 80%+ capacity
  • Battery Balance: Automatic control of the charging/discharging limit of each battery pack
  • Protection: Over Temperature, Low Temperature, Over Voltage, Low Voltage, Overload, Short Circuit, Overcurrent Protection

  • Carton 1(EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Inverter):
    Dimensions: 30.51 in. × 22.05 in. × 14.37 in.
    Weight: 92.3 lb.
  • Carton 2(EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Battery):
    Dimensions: 30.51 in. × 22.05 in. × 12.91 in.
    Weight: 123.1 lb.

What's in the box

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Inverter

  • EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Inverter (×1)
  • EcoFlow Portable Stand (×1)
  • EcoFlow Side Mount Caster (×4)
  • EcoFlow Supporting Leg (×4)
  • M6*20 (×4)
  • EcoFlow Disassembly and Assembly Tool (×1)
  • EcoFlow Solar to Low PV Port Charging Cable (×1)
  • EcoFlow AC Charging Cable(×1)
  • User Manual (×1)
  • Warranty Card (×1)

EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Battery Qty (1)

  • EcoFlow DELTA Pro Ultra Battery (×1)
  • EcoFlow Battery Connection Cable (×1)

User Manual: View Here

Brochure: View Here

Quick Start Guide: View Here

LCD Icon List: View Here

How Many Ecoflow Solar Panels Can I Connect: View Here

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